social distancing (1st & 2nd swiss, 2nd & 3rd cut NYC SC)

groenkaaf 1153

wrecks gagarin, ctm, argus; loses to titan

22 Mar 2020 Sanjay

Looking forward to the 2021 meta when Crim finally embraces the third Rezeki.

22 Mar 2020 Krasty

@groenkaaf> will you post also your Titan deck, please?
Congratz on your result!

22 Mar 2020 groenkaaf

@Krasty here you go:

22 Mar 2020 manveruppd

@Sanjaywhere would they put it? any good crim 2mu consoles I don't know about? :p

28 Mar 2020 zmb

@Sanjay or a DaVinci to install in both turns for 2x credit denial? :)