Neurospike SSO (Undefeated Lazy Worm Tournament)

Whiteblade111 2219

This is the SSO list I've been playing since gateway dropped. Basic combo is to score a fully advanced City Works Project, and then play two copies of Neurospike.

Gameplan is to stew the agenda in the remote, you don't neccessarily even need to advance it, if your ice is good enough. Lategame it protects itself by being fully advanced. DRM acts as CWP 4 5 and 6, if they blow all their resources stealing the first CWP, tutor another into the remote.

We have tools to fetch other copies of neurospike, the idea is to draw one neurospike naturally and tutor the other ones. Either via Malapert Data Vault or Consulting visit.

Agendas are standard, Ice could be tuned a bit, I like a bit of space ice, because being able to rez something for free makes some remote pushes with CWP better.

Salem's is to name IHW and kill the runner on the same turn, or to name Apoc. This deck is a bit soft to apoc, so find some cuts and play crisium if you gotta.

No, don't play hostiles, you don't have a scoring plan, you're a kill combo deck.

23 May 2021 Saan

I'd been playing some of the BTL version of this deck, but this one just seems more resilient. SSO making your ICE better from the get-go seems nice.

23 May 2021 Zerothmaxima

you don't have a scoring plan

Classic Whiteblade Weyland.

27 May 2021 BizTheDad

I've played this deck about 20 times. It doesn't seem fair when the combo goes off. Thanks for sharing and well done.