Tags galore

pord 29

Took to UK nats. Sorry not my best write up. Deck kinda self explanatory. Tags and damage, or score out cause they are scared. A bit of recursion in case of the CV.

Round 1:


CV max. Which was rife in the meta at the time. Managed to get a Mad dash rnd for turntable win else they were going to start taking some tags and damage.

Round 2: WIN

Max with David and ddos (thanks for not running CV). Managed to build up a total of 6 tags, HPT. Game over

Round 3: LOSS

Palana with bryon. Had loads of money and I had none. I also did one run which threw my breakers back into my stack!!! Doh. Well played Richard, well played.

Round 4: WIN

PU - started out with hand size reduced from current I played strike. They archive and replay current. I play another strike. Needless to say this went on a while till all 3 of my Estrikes were in the bin hehe. I was able to keep them poor again and was able to get good old Steve Cambridge down which gave me more cards for the damage and was able to get strike back out. Finally came down to a win

Round 5: WIN

Nat cv - After a really nasty run on a server with plenty of upgrades and no agendas. I had to do a little bit of recursion with the CV but in the end I was able to consulting to boom.

Round 6: LOSS (timed)

Geist - Was winning points wise (4 points to 3) then they made one run just before the end to get to 5 points. Time up. Nevermind.

Round 7: WIN

Chaos Theory - This game was kinda a blur as I was in a rush to get off. All i know is it was fun. I knew they were on levy and were low on cards so I used Best Defence on their Same old thing, think that was the cause of the end cause most things were in the bin by then.