A heaping tablespoon of Kit [Undefeated on Jnet]

Decksmith 165

Credit to @Redino987, whom I have bothered every time I had a question. Workshopped based on his original freedom deck.

Idea originally revolved around using knifed+pelangi+yusuf in order to get an engine going to be able to repeatedly trash ice that was encountered. That deck is better than this one; but I wanted to try a few things and they seem to work, albeit a bit slowed and less cogent than the freedom deck.

Notes: Engolo+Kit+Spooned is a given, maya+citadel is pretty fun once you get it going, mayfly is there in case of emergency, deepdive is goated; polop is there for tricky situations because councilman couldnt cut it

Nyashia was a late addition based on a suggestion from @humanspider but has worked well since. Khyusuk instead of makers isnt terrible but its hit or miss, I swapped them for makers because makers works better with maya and is more consistent.

21 Apr 2022 m.p

Have you considered swapping beth, harmony or the second copy of engolo for a fracter and/or killer? Like, if you ever encountered a glacier, this would die hard against it...