Magnum Corpus

sebastiank 1173

There is some text on Oaktown Renovation that is rarely utilized: if you keep advancing it when it already has 4 advancements, it becomes Magnum Opus. This obviously means that we can construct a deck that has bupkis for money because surely we will have Oaktown Renovation sitting in an impenetrable server with 4 advancements on it that we can click on every game.

To assemble Magnum Corpus, slap the Oaktown down (possibly with the help of Digital Rights Management) behind one or two pieces of ice. Our ID ability really helps here to make this ice more affordable to rez or stronger in the case of Masvingo: being Botulus and Boomerang resistant from the off is a huge deal.

It is safe and installed: now start advancing it. Keep going. No, don't score it!!! Yep, goood. Goood. There you go...

(To make this server scale up throughout the game, at some point we want to install Jinja City Grid in it, which in our 21 ice deck will hopefully produce a 5 ice thick server with a non-zero number of Border Controls and Surveyors relatively quickly. This server the runner might actually have trouble getting into. Dedicated Technician Team is here as back up, and extra copies of these upgrades can starting building up your central servers as needed. Please drink responsibly.)

So, you're living the dream. You've unrotated Magnum Opus, stolen it from the shapers, and made it evil and corpy. It is printing you real, honest-to-goodness UN certified creds. What now? If you wish to win the game, you should probably score the Oaktown once you gain access to another and then start working on the other one, and when the time is right fast advance the Azefs/AtL/Atlases with Audacity/Trick of Light. When using Trick of Light, note it is considered bad form to move advancement tokens off your Oaktown. There should be plenty of useless advancement tokens lying around on your ice due to SSO by this point that you shouldn't need to. But honestly, the best form is to just click on your Opus until you mill out.

16 May 2022 James Harrison

Looks fantastic fun... also "But honestly, the best form is to just click on your Opus until you mill out." Brilliant <3

21 May 2022 CelestialSpark

I think you should also consider yourself to have won the game if you manage to make Dedicated Technician Team better than Hedge Fund. It only takes installing ice on the server out to five thick after you rez it, one per turn, without using Jinja City Grid of course. Of course, the real brilliance is that it dodges all the PAD Taps out there -- we never trigger them at all, except with the main thing the deck is about of course.

25 May 2022 Shishu

Imagine this with Simone Diego