SOCR9 - Mti Killer (4th in Swiss)

analyzechris 598

I've really enjoyed Stimhack Online Cache Refresh as a sandbox for testing a smaller cardpool and eeking out every bit of value from each card. This time around, the best IDs and archetypes seemed a lot more heavily focused than in SOCR8. NYC SOCR folks settled very early on Leela and Mti. Mti because of the oppressive ID ability and Leela as one of the few runners that could slow it down.

This list was created by @groenkaaf but then subsequently tweaked for weeks. I think our decks ended up only a few cards different. This is the version designed to tackle Mti with Direct Access, Spear Phishing, anda focus on RDI so random Border Control installs on R&D won't be worth it, but I ended up playing my anti-Azmari version almost as often (+1 Notoriety +1 RDI +1 Stimhack +1 Amina +1 Corroder +2 EShutdown +3 PAD Tap -2 Direct Access -1 Engolo -2 Baklan). I believe @groenkaaf's always has Corroder and Embezzle.

The idea is that Leela's run-based economy is so click efficient that you can set up much faster than any rush deck. Even if they happen to beat you, you can regain your momentum with you ID ability and punish them on an open HQ. Datasucker and Baklan sit around gaining value until you need another gutpunch to slow the corp down.

The win condition is a mild R&D lock that happens as the corp fails to create a valid scoring remote. If they wait too long, just Legwork. Labor Rights ends up becoming a powerful NPE card when you get through your deck (thanks, The Class Act!) getting you back whatever event gives your opponent nightmares.

Oh also don't laugh at Demara, a thorough review of barriers in the format reveals that it's basically as good as Corroder against non NBN ICE!