Engolo Mopus Kit - Osaka GNK Q1

kinyu 1

Piloted this deck to 1st place, 2 timed wins and a loss. The loss was literally a loss on the last turn of the game. Due to the lack of time to build a Runner deck, I went with what I was familiar with. Kit with Engolo and Magnum Opus was always going to be reliable for me. Setup time however was always too long, thus the timed wins all the time.

The problem about having a single revised core is the lack of multi access cards for Shapers, thus only 2 Indexing and 1 TME. Thus, Same Old Thing was drafted in for that reason. If I were to change, I would remove the PAD Tap as I felt it did not give me the returns I wanted. Removing both PAD Taps for a Liberated Account and one more influence free card (Clone Chip perhaps?) would be much better.

Big Shoutout to ACGalaga for organizing this tournament. Big thanks to NISEI for allowing us to grab our hands on a GNK pack. The lack of official store support has always been a problem here in Osaka, so we're really glad that NISEI ships worldwide even without a store.

Cardpool: 1 Revised Core + Creation&Control + Kampala + Cyberdelia