Lian Yu (Undefeated @ Polish Nationals)

MrHuds0n 1196

This is an IG shell derived from the Submarine IG. I finished fourth in the tournament, with the deck not dropping a single game. My Runner fared significantly worse though, dropping four games throughout the tournament.



  • Yaba (Whizzard, AgInfusion) - Corp split, flatline
  • Rush (MaxX, Titan) - Win, flatline
  • Asertus (Kate, Tennin) - Win, flatline
  • Jander (Andromeda, IG) - ID but played, Corp split, flatline
  • Dominic (Whizzard, Moons) - ID
  • Selverin (Valencia, Tennin) - Corp split. concede


  • Mark (Whizzard) - Win, score out while I had zero cards in R&D.
  • Matuszczak (Moons) - Loss
  • Yarrow (Andromeda) - Win, flatline
  • Christian (Moons) - Loss


This deck is a beast. Both me and Jander ran very similar lists (differing in just a few cards, he had some spicy Ronins and no Snares). The agenda suite makes it nigh impossible for the Runner to steal anything without Film Critic. You can safely store Obokatas in archives since if it's not the last agenda the Runner takes, they cannot be stolen.

In testing we decided to cut House of Knives from the agendas and completely abandon the scoring plan. Besides, HoK in IG is not as good as it is in PU (6 cards mill makes it a full on value machine), and an accidental HoK slip means the Runner needs to steal only two hard agendas rather than three.

There probably should be three Neurals in this deck but I've always run two because I'm poor and can't afford a second core set.

3 Enforced Curfews are a must in my opinion, they're almost a dead card in any matchup that doesn't feature EStrike, but EStrike stops this deck dead, especially with Slums and Whizzard. This was the matchup played against Mark when I scored out with 3 5/3 agendas, but just barely.

3 Tech Startups are here because I have shit luck and could never get Moons in time. They prove their worth, considering they give you free moon counters, free money from turtlebacks and free asset from R&D. Definitely provide immense value.

Snare is a crutch.

Overall a very fun tournament.


Lian Yu means purgatory in Chinese, referring to this deck's brief dominant position until it descends to the hell of rotation which is going to remove Shocks as well as the likely new MWL which will put Friends on three influence.

Also an amazing track by OurAutobiography

3 Sep 2017 igrekk

Well, expected this in a time. Deck with Breached Dome + Shock while it is possible. I think Moby-Dick is a decent strategy vs this. If you give up scoring plan why should I bother about timed win?

3 Sep 2017 TKO

Gah, i've always thought HoK was wrong in IG but so many people play it that i just kept telling myself i must be stupid to think so.

4 Sep 2017 Jander

Moby is not really an option. The only shuffles here are with Jackson, otherwise it's a fast deck and games usually take less time than with HB Moons.

Scoring is possible, Obokatas behind Kakugos are pretty lethal.

11 Sep 2017 shanodin

What would you trim if you had a third Neural?

11 Sep 2017 MrHuds0n

I don't really know, perhaps two Neurals is the good number.