Heavy Horses

Murphy 1410

Inspired by a Jethro Tull song about dang farm horses.

I played versions of this deck for Fresno regionals where I finished second and took this version to Nats. I only lost 1 game at both tournaments with this deck (a 6 point DDM at Nats).

The only protip I can think of: Let the agendas stew.

4 Jul 2018 yads

Just curious why the 2 Oaktown/1 Atlas split?

16 Jul 2018 jase2224

Any room/thoughts for Formicary or other cards from R&R?

22 Jul 2018 Murphy

@yads I like both! I couldn't decide which way to go so I crowdsourced the decision and more people liked Oaktown so I went 2-1. I don't think it really matters.

@jase2224 I wouldn't play Formicary because they can farm turning wheel counters off it. I am somewhat uncomfortable with Hortem for this reason but if they farm off that, they are powering up the Horse. I didn't consider too much from R&R but Too Big To Fail I think fits in quite well. You can blow your econ on a Horse trace and then quickly recover. I'm not sure what to cut though.

My latest iteration drops the Boom for a 2nd copy of Preemp.