Electric Stealth Lady v2

iref 198

I took this deck to CZ/SK Nationals. It went 3-0 in swiss and 0-1 in top cut.

9 Oct 2017 Longi

Hi Ferko, congrats on placing in top8. How come your score in swiss was 3:0? I heard you guys played 5 rounds. As for the economy is one worm and two copies of PIOT sufficient enough? Especially with Maw. Btw. were you satiafied with this console?

9 Oct 2017 iref

Thanks. We IDed last two rounds of swiss. I didn't have problem with cash in any game. Maw hit agenda or two in one game when I actually draw it, but corp was able to shuffle them back to R&D. I may switch to Gauntlet because it's less influence which I can than spend on switchblade.

13 Oct 2017 nungunz

Click-drawing looks like a pain. Is that worth trying to handle at all?

15 Oct 2017 iref

You're right that drawing could be better. That's another reason I would like to switch Maw to Gauntlet and use extra influence to change Dirty Laundry for Deuces Wild. That said Beth pulled lot of work for me at tournament. There were lot of Jinteki and they usually don't have problem with cash and if they do Peace in Our Time helps you (and them). So Beth gave me lot of draw or 5th click.