It's just a little paparazzied its still good its still good

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It's Just a little paparazzied it's still good it's still good!

It's Just a little paparazzied it's still good it's still good!

Argus has been like a comfy pair of slippers for me over the last year. Whenever I don't really know what to play, don't feel comfortable with the best decks, or just had no time to practice before a tournament Argus Security was there for me already sleeved up in a spare deck box. Maybe a little frayed at the edges, a little hole a 419 has nibbled that my toe peeks out but always comfy.

After worlds I knew I wouldn't get a lot of time in to practice and I was pretty happy with my worlds performance and had pretty much locked in my deck Argus was nailed on. Then whispers of an unkillable Liza deck. Then American Nats happens.

I was already a bit down on the meta but was pleasantly surprised at worlds when I had a really good time (netrunner wise, I was always going to have a good time at worlds). I felt part of that was due to picking good decks I enjoyed playing rather than the "best" decks which I didn't. UK Nats was the day after a family wedding and I'd flip flopped a few times on whether I was going to play or just hang out and if Liza meant Argus wasn't going to be viable I was really struggling for a corp I wanted to play with 3 hours sleep and a hangover and was ready for a day hanging out and cheer leading my friends.

Self-Growth Program Enters Stage Left

Self-Who-Whatnow? I say to myself in the fall out of US Nats. Little did I know it was my savior. Now I just needed to find the cuts to fit it in.......... Crap. I bounced off the folx I usually go to for deck advice, I didn't like any of the options, they all make the deck so much worse. I think cutting a HHN was always a nope for me, it might be correct but I feel you give people license to disrespect HHN if you only have 2 of them especially in the cut where lists are known (I also think once or twice people misplayed against me assuming I was on the 2 HHN build in swiss). I'm still not 100% on the SDS drone agenda suite, I hate it so much. I think I'll try 2 raven for whats left of this meta but hopefully #BanLizaBanHpt is in our future.

I'd always hoped I'd make a cut at a major event at some point and wondered how it'd feel and the thing I'd never considered was just how happy for me my other netrunners would be it was a bit overwhelming I love this community so much there are a so many kind and lovely people.

Big shout out the TOs Johno, Ian and Pauly for absolutely killing it

The List didn't drop a game in Swiss, but if time isn't called i probably lose the draw vs Val. It faced: 2 Liza, 2 419, Val and an ID. Lost in the cut to a Freedom with a bit of bad luck on hail Mary R&D accesses that wasn't helped by me forgetting to Atlas counter 1 agenda on the click 4 run.

And finally just remember the next time you're feeling down on the meta, sleeve up the decks you enjoy playing the most, imagine a giant ANR Pig sailing through the air and whisper to yourself: "It's just a little prison decked, it's still good! It's still good!" Because it is, because y'all are good.

Tom xxx

14 Nov 2019 Cliquil

This deck name gives me as much joy as seeing you top Swiss. Which is lots