Mommy exploring her wyld side (2. at King of Servers Berlin)

lazychef13 414

This is the deck that Secured me the Second Place a couple of Weeks ago At the First King of Servers tournament in Europe Ever. This was before the new mwl. There was a normal tournament the day before, that i unfortunately couldn't attend due to a last minute Thing. Anyway i just packed this Sunny List Along the Reading skorpios without adapting to the King of Servers Format. My Meta is Pretty much all CI Moons, so i took my mom and put all the assethate i Could find and slotted it in. Jak + Dirty laundry enable the Mining accidents easier, While employee strike does the Rest. The drug Dealers help to run thru your Deck pretty fast and so i ditched the earlier idea with proco. Freeing Up a Slot + four influence for Info Sifting. Money isn't mommies Problem, while Time really is. Clickfree Money and draw is set up really fast so you can spend your clicks on interesting Things. Most of the games i installed both drug Dealers early and didn't regret my wyldside Engine. Mining accidents helped keeping Corps low or me high. Plus the fear of an all seeing I gone was a pretty Nice relief.

Unfortunately the one CI i Faced Had such a Strong oppening hand that even Two Mining accidents + 3 employee strikes(with SOT) didn't help. I lost on turn 6 or so 7-0. But that Happens. MVP for me btw was that Single shadownet. Winning me two games Against Sol and ctm where at some Point i ditched all the agendas i stole from the Remotes for sure gambles or Deep Data Minings to get to the next ones. Sol conceding, While i locked ctm out as well.

It was a really fun tournament with a bunch of lovely folks. Thanks a lot to Organizer Dome.