Quetzal's Pretzels (SOS)

Decksmith 205

Played alongside Thule, on a team with Izzy and Shishu

My first netrunner love was playing E3 feedback implants Quetzel, so as soon as poison vial was back, I wanted to jump into Quetzal, and now that Lamb is back, we're up and running again.

List is pretty solid, though we have issues dealing with Rplus. Flip switch is a great OB tech, Hijacked router for some horizontal shenanigans . Keiko over maw because in testing I found it to be much more consistent and I was having trouble in testing finding the credits for maw- plus we have the virtual resources for it anyway. Utae is not a good code breaker; however it does perform quite well here.

19 Nov 2023 scd

Bringing 1x Hijacked Router back feels so 2017 and one has to love that.