The Metric Octopus II - 3rd @ UK Nats 2023

ExtraC 796

Best Friends :D Weeeeeeee!!

Small update for our 10 legged friend following the World's List: the cut of one Aeneas informant for the addition of Wheels to add further value to the "Run, Arisanna, Aeneas Credit off an asset" plays, allowing you to do them click free. It also allows utility to build up a bit more before spending your entire actual turn contesting the more difficult remotes you may encounter.

The meta itself hasn't shifted a huge amount since worlds, though The Process' R+ list was much more prevalent at UK nats. Arisanna is fairly well positioned to offshore value with Environmentals and Vernissage to reduce the impact from the first crypto (which you're usually not in a position to contest) and then pivot over to deep digs on R&D to close out. Versus Ob if you can keep on top of their Mavirii and maintain a clot threat the Stafrun trick is usually fairly easy to manage giving you remote lock or takobi farm into a win.

Understanding the importance of "Not letting your opponent win" as opposed to "Advancing the runner wincon" is key to this deck as it will allow you to pen in your opponent so all of the agendas will be in HQ or R&D and easily retrievable.

UK Nats was, as always, exceptionally good. Lovely to see people I hadn't seen in quite some time over beers and the tournament was run extremely proficiently. Big shout out to Paul and the rest of the judge crew for shepherding us through the 7 rounds and the cut :)