[Frankfurt30] Afro Akiko

MaikH 1503

Part of a 30 deck collection for casual play (see https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2224342/).

Test runs with this deck were the first time I tried Akiko, and she's so much fun that I regretted not ever giving this ID a go beforehand. Relying on the Kitara breaker resources in the early game, and on Sage later on, one interesting decision for you is when the early game is over ... Puffer is a back-up for the Ikas that hopefully plays well with NetChips.

19 Nov 2019 changlari

Do 2 Upya's stack ? I.e. can you use ability of 2 installed Upya's "once per turn" each? Sorry this is a rule related question but it's been a while since I have played A:NR

29 Apr 2020 MaikH

I'd say yes, they do. Could not find anything in the FAQ that would forbid it.