Tagmaster Flash (2nd place German Nationals)

anr_marsellus 1336

I guess this list is just another tag-me Liza deck. This one really carried me through the swiss rounds and top cut. Just lost twice against kill (in turn 3 respectively), which is a calculated risk. The deck just destroyed Asa Groups, MTI, CtM and Azmari with ease - and managed a 4 minute win v Sportsmetal in the small final. If you get running, this deck is a true blast to play and punishing af.

Future changes: probably -3 Deuces Wild, +1 Countersurveillance and +2 Wild Cards.

5 Sep 2018 Cpt_nice

I guess the power of this deck is inversely proportional to the number of kill decks at an event. You played the deck really well from what i saw, I was shouting at my monitor during that tal match,lol.

5 Sep 2018 PureFlight

I'm sure being able to Embezzle operations helps to limit the tag punishment you might otherwise suffer.

11 Sep 2018 anr_marsellus

@Cpt_nice yap, it is a coin flip with those kill decks :D