Siphon Smoke w. Networking & Stuff

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2nd place 2016-12-04 Store Championship in Jönköping, Sweden

The deck went 3-1 in swiss and 0-2 in the cut. All three losses were against CtM, which surprised exacly no one, me least of all. If you really want to play smoke in the current meta, you probably shouldn't play this version, but I had a lot of fun regardless.

The games I won were against Blue Sun, Palana and Blue Sun. All pretty traditional play ice to keep them out decks, which is generally favourable for stealth. Both BS were kill decks with midseasons, HHN and stuff, but I managed to stay rich (and somewhat lucky).

Credit to BobAloVskI for the basis for the deck ( I made only minor changes to the original list.

Corp deck:

5 Dec 2016 dawspawn

Which was better against the Blue Sun decks, Corroder or Blackstone?

5 Dec 2016 postis

It wasn't really put to the test. I installed Blackstone and broke Curtain Wall once, which ended up costing me exactly the same as it would have with Corroder (9 credits to break vs 11 with Corroder, but Corroder is 2 less to install).

5 Dec 2016 dawspawn

Yeah the install cost is a pretty large difference. I haven't played much Blackstone without a Modded or two. It really stinks for midrange stuff like Eli without support.