Zahya - Smooth Criminal 2-1 (6th Startup tournament)

Xtreme 152

This is the deck I took the Early Bird Startup Tournament hosted by Ysengrid!. Shoutout for TO, stream and play during the event, what a mad man.

This deck focus on multi-access and sneaky ways to manipulate with the central servers with cards like Boomerang, inside jobs and Jailbreak.

I chose to go with Sneakdoor Beta and Stargate to avoid potentials purge that would set the conduit way back. It gives better flexibility for late game pressure and you can adapt better in situation where arcvieve is free.

I really dig Zahya ID ability together with Docklands pass, bravado and pennyshavers which makes is possible to keep the engine running for longer.

The deck is still a work-in-progress and would love to play around with Tranquilizer and Tread lightly.