A Totally Derivative Apoc Val Deck

ClosDeLaRoche 763

This is the Apoc Val deck I piloted to a measly 2-4 at US Nats. Not much to say here, it's your typical list. I like to spend the one flex influence on Peace as a replacement for Day Job because those "Peace, Click Lib 3x" turns can get you a whole mess of credits for your Apoc turn very fast.

It's a powerful deck, but the trick is to know when to Apoc and when to give up on it an lean on your Stargate, Wanton Destruction and Utopia Shard to fill Archives with tasty agendas. The deck's one weakness is big ice, especially Code Gates and Sentries like a beefed-up Surveyor, Fairchild 3.0, Anansi and DNA Tracker. Slotting an Eater would solve those problems.