[Startup] The Grid Tax (2-1-1 NGN Circuit Opener)

Maj.Apollo 73

Another fast-advance grid the runner has to go trash? Sounds good to me!

As with many NBN lists, the idea here is to go fast: Start scoring out quickly behind cheap end the run ICE like Ping and Magnet, and once the runner is set up, force them to constantly run your remote and trash your fast-advance upgrades and economy assets. I think there's a chance this deck would be better out of GameNET if you want to lean into the taxing elements, but the small deck size and card draw from Reality Plus helps you consistently threaten installs in your remote server.

This ended up being the winning list at our North Georgia Circuit Opener (2 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie). I ended up playing corp second throughout the event, and the loss and the tie were both due to time. Not sure if I could have pulled out the loss, but the tie seemed like it could have gone either way.