Bio-Ethics Lock, Katowice Regionals 1st

hsiale 204

Quite standard Bio-Ethics deck. Decided to go without Chronos Project and just 2 Cerebral Cast to get a bit better econ and 9th piece of ice. Turned out to be good, I haven't seen Employee Strike all day but extra cash and defenses were useful. Went 2-2 in Swiss (round 1 used SC bye, then lost against Whizzard, won against Hayley, lost against Hayley and won against Whizzard) then 3-0 in top 4 (won against Leela, Hayley and Whizzard including both runners I lost to during Swiss).

23 May 2016 MrHuds0n


23 May 2016 Cluster Fox

@Protégépreach, brother.