Rotom Waltz (2nd at MI SC)

CritHitd20 4848

Got 2nd at the Michigan SC with this list inspired by Rotom's Boomerang Leela. I'm not sure how much this adheres to Waltz philosophy but it felt like playing that deck for me.

I began iterating by cutting the Procos 2 and 3 for Hostages, which also meant I could cut 1 TCA. Setup of those 2 cards has proven solid since one helps find the other. I also found upgrades for Rezeki in Beth and Maemi, one of which can be tutored and one of which can make more than 1 per turn. Neither cost MU so you can plan Stargate over RDI (or Sneakdoor if you want).

The Proco plan felt great and in all but 1 game Boomerang did a solid job of making me not miss Special Order. I won against Sportsmetal x3 and Azmari and lost to SSO and Azmari for a 4-2 finish. Wish I had played TTW over HG and cut the Legwork for some more disruption effects.