Drawing cards is one hell of a rush!

HaverOfFun 34

Credit to Baa Ram Wu and Enkoder for most of the stuff in this deck (especially this one https://www.netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51603928-cf68-4ccc-8335-7ad49cbcbaa2/kodepad-lat-22nd-emea-continentals)

My few little changes were chucking in a Miss Bones cause I expected more people on asset strategies after intercontinentals and a stoneship cause I've been seeing way too many punitive shenanigans but that's kinda it.

I ended up going 2-1 with this deck at NZ Nationals today but one of those was a clutch 2 for 1 win that got me into top 16 prizing so it's super! I've been jamming Lat for absolute ages and it's heaps of fun to get a win with him (even an Atman 6 on stream lesgoooo!)

Chasing Lat triggers is just so much fun and if any of you are ever feeling a lack of energy around your runners, I highly recommend giving this a shot!