Jumon Kindness CR (14th place in SOCR7)

Sanjay 3548

Runners felt like they had a really hard time in the most recent Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. It was hard to get good econ going and hard to break ice efficiently. This meant it was a perfect environment for me to try to do weird corp nonsense.

I think Mti Mwekundu is the best Jumon delivery system. Saraswati and Jinteki: Biotech (The Greenhouse) can score Jumon in just two turns wheras Mti usually needs three, but even so, the efficiency of Red Tree lets you get that unwieldy 6/2 out way easier than the alternatives.

I didn't try Tennin though I imagine that is also better than Saraswati or The Greenhouse at scoring out Jumons.

The deck went 5-1, which still left me 3 prestige and several SoS points short of the cut. To be honest, I'm prouder of picking up 3 wins with my runner.

Keep your eyes out for the next Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament (SOCR8). I'm taking over as TO so I'd be really devastated if no one showed up.

28 Sep 2018 DrApathy

Love that Jumon + Media Blitz combo