Red Dead Recoats with Bonus Snare (4th EC Canadian Nats)

vazmanian_devil 50

crossbrainedfool's list from Cascadia with a Wraparound + Tatu for further shenanigans. I also moved a Hansei out because Regolith seemed to be doing the trick 90% of the time and moved in a Snare because it's fun. Had such an incredible time with this deck - it also went undefeated.

31 Aug 2023 crossbrainedfool

Glad to see you had success - Snare certainly makes some sense. The Tatu and Wraparound also interesting - a move towards strict gear checking from the barriers. I might be going back to 3 seamlesses, though.

I agree on the Hansei - it's easily the most painful part of the deck, and I've been considering a reworked version that removes it in favor of Mindscaping.