Runner Up - Fremont Store Championship - MurderPajamas v 1.0

elidelajandro 84

(Why is this deck called MurderPajamas? Because that's what autocorrect does sometimes. And I liked it. You know what's better than pajamas? MurderPajamas! (Just roll with it.))

This is the deck that was the runner-up at the recent Store Championship in Fremont, CA.

After seeing other versions of Palana from @westonodom and others, my main thought was "Needs more murder..."

So, two days before the SC, I came up with this deck.

It did pretty well. It went 3-0-1 in Swiss (the draw was due to me botching a kill a window and the game just dragged on...and on...and on and the runner to his credit got the tie on the last click of his turn when time was called.) It dropped the only round I played in the Finals because of a poor matchup and other faults that an initial build of this deck encountered.

First, Film Critic. I hate this card. I mean it's awesome. There's a reason WHY it's on the restricted list. But all my agendas have shenanigans attached. No shenanigans - no pajama party.

Second, not quite enough money. You can't keep Sunny broke and if this deck falls behind the runner in econ, win conditions are narrowed significantly. I can fix that though.

Third, not enough ways to tag the runner. This problem is easy enough to fix. And honestly, I don't care for Punitive Counterstrike because its usefulness depends on the runner doing well...but not too well and not at the wrong moment. Traffic Accident could have easily been Beanstalk Royalties - I just got greedy.

Why no Ash? Main reason - I recently got back into the game (two-ish weeks ago) and the RCS only has one. [Although I did buy a 2015 World Champion's pack that had all three and I didn't want to try and rejigger everything at the last second with what I had in mind. Secondary reason - I wasn't trying to pilot @westonodom's deck. I wanted to play MY way for better or worse. I tip my hat to the winner.

I have one regret - that Store Champion season is over...for now. That's okay though!

Now is the time to experiment. And sew...better pajamas! :)

28 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

So, I've played this a lot on J-Net since you posted it and I love it. Thanks for posting.

You're right about the Traffic Accident's tho. They are pretty useless. I made them Beanstalk Royalties and that makes the deck even better. Thanks for sharing.