Maven's Last Dance (2nd Sweeps Week Async - 5-0)

gilesdavis 322

Decklists and even IDs weren't static between Swiss rounds for this tournament, but I didn't change a single card of this between rounds. I knew this was the last chance to play Maven in Hayley and didn't want to waste a second of it. Plus, you just can't improve on perfection :doge:

My first King of Swiss (Sweep x2, ID x2 into the cut), my corp got me knocked into the lower bracket in the first game of the cut. Luckily I got to play more Maven and slogged it through to face the eminent lostgeek in the final showdown. The Mighty Maven crushed game 1, as it eats Palana's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately my corp just couldn't get me over the line.

The only change from the original list was -1 Noto, +1 Mantle.

Goodnight, sweet Princess, we had a good run <3

6 Apr 2021 DonLoverGate

Looks like a really cool deck, and a perfect run for Maven and Hayley to go out on

6 Apr 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Pretty much cementing your legacy as ‘Best Maven Player of all time’

7 Apr 2021 gilesdavis

^brb updating my will to ensure that's put on my tombstone