Khumalo Lockdown #10

Kubik161 40

This is Lockdown version of my ICE destruction Khumalo.

Core idea is playing Hivemind and using tokens from Hivemind to trigger Trypano without losing tokens. Then you use Simulchip to reinstall Trypano on another ICE.

You have to install Hivemind on Progenitor. This means, that there will still be 1 virus token after purge. 1 virus token is Virus Breeding Ground ability requirement. On post-purge turn, you will need to click Virus Breeding Ground 2 times to move some tokens to Hivemind. You generally want to run at least once each turn. Knobkierie should always put token on Hivemind. Trashing something with Khumalo ability or Imp will put tokens on Friday Chips. Move those tokens also to Hivemind. That's basically it.

You are able to trash at least 8 ICE with this deck. 3x Trypano, 2x Chisel, 3x Trypano again with Simulchips. You can either trash everything that is put on remote and deny scoring remote server. Or you can go for HQ or R&D, trash every ICE protecting one of those and then trash cards using Khumalo ability and Imp.

Black Orchesta, Odore, and Yusuf are your backup for those times, when you really have to break subs on ICE. You don't want to do that, you want to trash ICE, not break. There is 5 virtual resources to help with Odore cost. There is Ice Carver to help with Black Orchestra costs (and sometimes with Chisel trigger). Yusuf can use tokens from Virus Breeding Grounds.

This deck has some problems:

  1. Hivemind has to be installed on Progenitor. You have 2 Progenitors, 1 Hivemind and 1 SMC to help with that. But it still takes too many turns to setup your rig. Fast corps will win long before you are ready to really threaten them.
  2. Cyberdex Sandbox. Purge generally isn't problem, you have so many things going that you can recover from purge by 2 clicks. But Purge on score is problem, because it is not taxing clicks from corp. And purge to get 4 credits is also problem, because again, no click tax.
  3. Trash program subs/effects. It's hard setback when corp trashes your Progenitor+Hivemind. You have Simulchip and second Progenitor to recover, but still. :(

Non-lockdown version uses 3 Aumakua (instead of Beth, 1 Black Orchestra, 1 Virus Breeding) and 3 Hippo (instead of Chisels, Ice Carver). Aumakua counts Hivemind tokens and helps with face checks. Same goes for Hippo.

16 Nov 2020 Longi

Nice deck idea. Also well played.