Mythic titan, 1st place Greenlake Games Seattle GNK 7-19-201

cspieker 104

Won a 12 player GNK tourney today at Greenlake Games in Seattle playing this as my corp. It was 4 rounds of swiss. This deck went 3-1 with one of the wins a timed win.

All games quite short. First game lost on turn two with a Quetzal swiping a Hostile and the Government Takeover from an open R&D. The Government Takeover was also swiped early by a Whizzard with only one credit, and me with two Punitives in hand and 12 creds.

Inspiration comes from playing someone on OCTGN who had a deck like this, which was apparently inspired by Though the published decklist goes with regular ICE instead of the mythic ICE suite in this version.

15 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

Whaaaaat?! How could I miss a "1441"-style deck that won a GNK? Congrats, man! I am the original creator of that aggressive rush-style and I am also playing the Mythic Ice Suite with some minor tweaks. I took out GTO and Punitives and added a Sea Source Scorch Kit. Gonna bring that to Worlds and Greek Nationals, hope to be as successful as you were in the tournament!

16 Sep 2015 cspieker

Hey hey @anr_marsellus! Thanks for the deck idea. One thing I added to this deck that seemed to help in a couple of situations was a single Curtain Wall. It seemed to help stabilize things once the runner was more set up. Also with Faust everywhere now, Mother Goddess is not quite as Godlike. I was considering going back to your original package of barriers.

16 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

In the current version I also run Curtain Wall (plus Oversight AI) which is awesome. Mother Goddess still pulls it weight, not against Faust though, that's true. But just the sheer MoGo power today: I completely steamrolled against Nasir with no ICE but a single MoGo in a remote. Won in 7 and 8 turns by agenda points. Never go without the Mother! I am also playing Troubleshooters, particularly to troll with Kate :D Best feeling is a remote with 2 Mother Goddess and a Troubleshooter the brings up the first one, so that Kate needs to get an overpowered Atman that fails to break the lower strength 2nd Mother Goddess. 99% score there :)