"Ooh BrianVal... what do you do?"

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Well actually... I'm an ice painter

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Oh really... what kind of ice do you paint?

Mythic Ice...

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Code Gates...

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.. "Watercolours?"

Its a bit more complicated than that...


So Pelangi Anarch is currenty occupying my mind and this is the Val version I too to Alershot regional. I'm not completely sold that its a concept that works but there's something to it.

In the first Pelangi can help with #anarch problems when you have no breaker to get in, but I think there may be better Anarch solutions for that.

That said the possibility for a crushing mid to late game is definitely there, but I think that's not uncommon for runners and you might be spending too many slots on the various parts of what is going on here. The combination of Hippo and any breaker is enough to make single iced remotes problematic, and the ability to look at any ice, put down a Pelangi and Knife it has been very helpful in stopping corps from having a scoring remote.

The Maw/Bhagat/Omar package is super annoying and corps often do need to close that up if they have any hope of an operations package in hand as a threat. Equally Maw can help with wide decks that also have operations package as a punishment, but the econ hit might be too high.

I think you basically lose a little bit too much ground in the early game. I'm going to keep tinkering to see if another runner might be able to make this package work. At the moment it feels like a good matchup against lists that have a kill package like Chronos, a decent one against anything that uses Big ice such as Blue Sun,RP, Aginfusion etc. but it feels really not so great against Gagarin, NEH or anything that can both rush and threaten a follow up like an Outfit or Argus list.

My games at Aldershot Regional

R1 vs Lane I didn't draw a Pelangi for a long time and I lost the game because of the terrible choice of utae over Black Orchestra. Lane was able to put enough code gates on a remote that , along with a Batty, exhausted my breaking potential. He commented to me that if I have black orchestra I win that game because his program trash is ineffective. I like it when you try something and are instantly wrong, its one of the easiest experiments

R2 vs Ed

Spark here was tricky as I do tend to struggle with wider decks. I picked the wrong assets to trash, killing a little econ but not enough and letting DBS run up. I didn't draw Pelangi or David which made Hydra enough to score the first 6 points and then the DBS were able to filter out any further HQ threat whilst waiting for a 15 minutes or a QPM to come back for the win. I also apparently left the win in archives simply because I didn't believe I'd been lucky enough to Maw an agenda where I had. Feel OK about this game though as I think I learned a lot.

R3 vs. Catherine

Catherine did some wild plays here that I think she did because she, like me, likes to see what'll happen. Ultimately the deck was able to trash enough ice that the game came down to a timed win though I felt in control. Paperclip is actually supringly good at breaking Chiyashi.

R4 vs. Swiftie

Swiftie was also on Blue Fun and in this game I rather exploited that he hadn't completely read Daily Quest which fed me a lot of money post some ice destruction for a round or two. Similarly here I was able to use Maw to threaten the hand enough that I was messing with his ability to reset his remote. By the time he had I was able to win off the Omar central pressure.

R5 vs Ian Ian was on Titan and I was pretty sure I would lose because of his speed but I got reasonably fortunate in the way in which I was able to nick SDS and Hostiles for the win. Ian had to make a few fence sitting calls because of the centrals pressure though so I don't feel as if I had nothing to do with the win.

All in all I enjoyed this deck, and its an area I do want to explore but I am prepared for the possibility that there isn't a solid deck to be had from the exploration.

28 Jul 2019 emilyspine

The Hippo/Knifed/Border Control combo gave me a headache so I threw caution to the wind and yolo'd it

Thanks for the games Guy, good fun as always!

1 Aug 2019 manveruppd

I approve these GIFs