Fatale Atman 4.0

Pinkwarrior 2294

General premise is Datasucker deck with Femme Fatale's, Atmans and Parasites.

Changes From 3.5

Removed 3x Kati Jones added 1 Opus and 2x Cyber solutions Removed 2x Daily casts and 2x Armatige added 1x SMC 1x Indexing 2x Dirty.

Changers from 3.0

Only minor changers this time but important ones after a few play thews i found the Desparado SOOOO much more use than the grim and all though the stimhack was useful to have i feel squeezing in another Desparado is more important and i feel dropping a Femme is not an option tho i don't always need them their are times i need both in play. with the space for another card i decided that the SMC was the filler as losing the parasite for one earlier was a good change, interestingly its actually helped my parasite been able to kill an ICE mid run with it has turned out better than having the parasite in my hand so another one cant be a bad thing. Id still run 3 parasites if i had the influence to but i need that influence for the Desparado.

Changers form 2.0

Parasite down 1 for SMC to free up some influence without hindering my parasiting 2 much.

Gordian Blade gone finding little use for it and costs 2 much to have it. Stimhack added for surprise runs when low on cash works well with clone chip and SMC too.

1 grim changed for a desperado the extra cash will be useful but i like the memory and extra virus tokens from grim running both gives me the option from game to game (in Theory anyway).

Snowball changed for Inti snowball costs too much for the little use i get out of it and with datasuckers its just as useful