The Motivated and Connected Oracle

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BoardGame79 21

This is a Motivation + Oracle May + Hostage combo deck with Woman in the Red Dress and Professional Contacts.

It's ridiculous due to having Monolith included. The goal is get a motivation played, and then hold Eureka! until Monolith turns up.

The Self-modifying Code should allow the right breakers to show up as needed.

Same Old Thing for any event that makes sense.

It's a swiss army knife, but Motivation is a deceptively good card, even on it's own, and way more powerful than the 0 cost and influence implies.

If you start getting too much motivation late game, install for 0 and use Aesop's Pawnshop for 3 credits later.

May not always work, but if you can Eureka! Monolith and a few more programs, a memorable turn - just thinking of ways to get Monolith out cheaply by mid-game.


28 Jun 2014 wswan

I love the idea here. I just made an Oracle May deck but still want to do an Oracle/Motivation to Eureka/Monolith deck. This is a good start, and anything I'd change would just come down to taste.

28 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

The most you're going to get out of CiF is what 4? I would drop that and use stimhack, or another sucker. You could also consider using personal workshop and stimhack + same old thing to pay off monolith super fast.

29 Jun 2014 BoardGame79

Yeah, good point on the CiF. Lots of connections, but only worth it late game for perhaps 6 max. Stimhack is a favorite.