Cheesy Ivan

cableCarnage 1226

Corp I took to brighton CO.

This is a kill deck. You can technically score out. But it won't happen often.

Your plan is to build an annoying remote, put stuff there constantly, and advance them if possible. Drago presents a persistent threat and has kill combo from 2 advancements with seamless and boom. This win can be cheesed out as early as turn 4.

Seamless can also facilitate agenda scoring. You can pretend agendas are spin doctors or rashidas and then double seamless them.

Hard-Hitting News and the low agenda density discourages runner aggression.

The ice suite is tailored to be annoying for the Boat + Aumakua Combo.

  • IP Block: just a good card, especially in a turtle meta
  • EULA and Funhouse : stocks are up with turning wheel gone.
  • Ping and Enigma: some hard ETR is needed.
  • Vasilisa: I wanted to try this out as a Turnpike replacement. It works ok but replacing one with a Hydra might be better.
1 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

how did u fare at Brighton with this lethal weapon?