ashigaru glacier CI, 49th at worlds

bblum 4249

I played this and made day 2 with it, then scrubbed out below the cut. There's not much to say about it and it's probably worse overall than the winning version but this version was ours. Credit to colinphanna for the build.

Matchups were timed tie vs hayley (would have won with infinite time, but it's not like time isn't an issue with glacier, so), win vs jesminder, loss vs info sifting hayley, loss vs another hayley (because I was an idiot and didn't ice rd turn 1), win vs smoke, win vs valencia, and on day 2, 2 more losses to 2 info sifting hayleys. Notice a pattern?

The main problem with the deck is the tension between playing to make ashigaru huge and playing to not get owned by info sifting. I also faced like a million hunting grounds, which renders loki useful only for preventing stimhack as long as the runner isn't on game point. Well, it made day 2 anyway, but I think the lesson is that you don't wanna be on the ashi/loki suite going forward if you know people will be teching for CI.

runner deck

7 Nov 2017 moistloaf

Never thought I’d see another bblum list posted to stimhack. Glad to have you back !

7 Nov 2017 bblum

Thanks! I said I'd come back when the meta didn't suck, and it doesn't suck now, so here I am!