Sillymodernism: 6-0 Swiss national championship

qvm 1921

If you want to throw a curve ball I think Argus-like Outfit is also pretty good — TugtetguT


I hadn't played a single game of Netrunner in two years, and I was looking for decks for the Swiss nationals. 10 days before the event, I was set on lostgeek's Hosphipko, and was double-checking my corp options with TugtetguT.

His Outfit was ideal, as it played like an old Argus deck. Not that I've ever played Argus, but I lost against it enough to understand how it works.

Then, two days before the event:

mmh i think youre supposed to play snares [...] then if you cant win [...] you can blame me for last minute untested changes 😂 — TugtetguT

Sure! I was not going to test it either, so I just sleeved it up.

The deck went undefeated on the day, using a healthy mix of kill, scoring out, and pure luck (like firing a Spin Doctor to shuffle 0 cards to top-deck a BOOM!). The deck is real, silly, silly fun!

The best part of my (temporary) Netrunner comeback was experiencing the awesome community again, seeing and hearing from old friends, and seeing some new enthusiastic people playing the game!

Thanks to Luke, Angie, and Nicolas for organizing the tournament and preparing food! Thanks to all opponents for the tense & fun games. The Swiss meta for showing up big time, and the people from Germany doing four-hour train rides to be there! Thanks to lostgeek and TugtetguT for the decks, Percomis for the epic NWE playmat, and the whole NWE crew for never stopping the fun on that discord!

14 Feb 2023 Larrea

Might be serendipity but I built this deck about 3 days ago and I've been playing it on jnet, with like 5 different cards.

31 Mar 2023 Lukenukem

Well played! Congrats on winning the first official Swiss Nats!