Game of Thorns PU - MnS SC 10th

Runaway 119

10th in Swiss (2-2) at the Seattle Math'n'Stuff SC.

The ultimate goal is to either flatline the runner or deplete their deck to the point that you can score out Obokatas. Usually I install the first Kakugo on R&D and the second on a remote. Against anarchs I'm wary of rebirth into Omar so I'll put the second on Archives and the third can go on the scoring remote.

The Calibration testings were ostensibly for boosting Junebugs to lethal damage, but I never managed to get them at the same time. They were useful though, allowing me to score HoK and Philotic out of hand. I think I may have used it on an Obokata score vs Leela to save a click for reinstalling her bounced card as well.

First round, won vs @afishisborn's Quetzal deck; he was running Employee Strike and drew a large portion of his deck looking for econ (and I think also Hunting Grounds to use on Kakugo which defeated the purpose).

Second round, won vs Ryan's Leela deck; iirc he ate a Snare.

Third round, narrowly lost to @sedatedfork's CT deck. I had almost milled him out despite his Employee Strike, but if I recall correctly he managed to close out the game by stealing a TFP because I can't play psi games after lunch.

Fourth round, narrowly lost to @checkthebox's Val deck. Again, I had almost milled him out but he got the winning Obokata with sufficient cards in hand.

None of these rounds went to time; this deck is pretty straightforward to play.