Milky Val (6-1, Top 8 US Nationals)

JuneCuervo 2593

This deck is so reg that is just as simple as a glass of milk.

Not a ton to say about this deck. 9 Breakers means you rarely lose to not having the breaker you need to score points. Its also great vs. skorp for this reason (a matchup I think you're very favored in with this list)

3rd Turning wheel because you want it in the first 3 turns every game, since you usually start running by turn 3.

Maxwell is a good card.

The whole deck is built around always being able to hit Zer0. Its a very good card, you know.

Overall I think I'd maybe play something over second turntable? Idk up to you. I think Clan vengance is a trap if you're wanting to be super aggro and run every turn, but probably pretty good if you fancy indexing.

Everyone in SF worked on the list (Brian Cronin of Roseville Cycle fame, and Weston Odin of being sick at netrunner fame contributed a lot.) and several of us played it.

25 Jun 2018 westonodom

Weston Odin

I guess I'll take it xD