Silent Disco - 7th Aldershot SC (2-3)

hemraa 178

My own take on stealth Jesminder using Paragon and DJ Fenris (for Liza) to pressure centrals while still setting up.

I've tried versions of the deck with more Hostage instead of Hot Pursuit, but the money is just too important. Takobi does work against glacier decks, if you can get it early enough.


Results R1 - Titan : Loss

Couldn't stop the fast advance.

R2 - Mti : Win

Timed win where I managed to snipe a Future Perfect out of their hand.

R3 - Sports : Win

They tried to go fast and not ice R&D so I was able to get my rig online while still getting accesses.

R4 - Outfit : Loss

Managed to drag the game out against the overall SC winner, but stupidly left myself on 4 cards and got flatlined by Broad daylight, Broad daylight + Neural.

R5 - Azmari : Loss

Couldn't get through a server of Surveyor, FC3, Surveyor enough times to stop them winning.