Super MWL Tree - 1st at Derby SC

RotomAppliance 2876

This is the deck I took to first place at Derby. MTI is still good even after being restricted, and Obokata isn't missed very much. Instead you now have 6 of 9 agendas that feel good to score, rather than the previous 3 in 8.

3 Border Control is obvious, and the remaining influence goes into cheap, taxing ice, as that is the biggest hole in the Jinteki ice-suite. 2 each of Eli, IP Block and Slot Machine feels right, but I've also played it with only the barriers, and with 3 Eli, 3 Slot Machine. Go with whatever you like best, and what suits your meta the best.

Playing the full 15 econ cards is recommended; while MTI isn't poor, it is money-hungry, in the sense that you always have scope to install more ice, whereas most corps stop bothering after being 3 deep, unless they have a way to cheat it in, such as Jinja Grid. You always want to have the money to threaten the worst case scenario with a MTI drop, especially since Strike is now less common than it was.

The deck beat two Stealth Jes, Freedom, Leela, Adam and Chaos Theory, and lost one game to 419. Very diverse field on both sides, and fun day, thanks to all involved.