Grail RP 2x Store Championship Winner 2/15 Meeples Games |

bluebird503 1973

24 players, went 4-1 @ Meeples Games 2/15 in Seattle, WA

Also went 7-0 @ Rainy Day games 3/1/2015 in Portland OR winning it's second SC of the season.

17 Feb 2015 Butters

How'd you go verse eater+keyhole, or one turn 20+ medium run? Did you find you didn't need swordsman? Just make R&D Taxing enough that it didn't matter?

17 Feb 2015 Two_EG

I think the answer is simple.... Caprice.

17 Feb 2015 Cerberus

Having played this would you make any changes? I am currently thinking

-1 Ash, -1 Interns, -1 Eli.

+2 Crisium Grid, +1 Wraparound. Thoughts?

17 Feb 2015 bluebird503

@Butters - I did not play against one turn 20+ medium dig, I feel like if I could figure up what they are up too in time I can just rush agendas, especially Nisei is good against them. I have played this deck in 2 store championships, and have played against eater keyhole once in each of them and have won pretty easily. This could have been bad draws on their part or could have been poor play, Idk. My experience against Eater + Keyhole is it is a high variance deck and that I can tax them and burn them out of steam if I am very careful with my play. I try not to expose myself to Wanton/Siphon using caprice on HQ always. You don't need caprice on RnD or Remote in this matchup, just tax RnD like crazy. I do respect it as a threat since it can put a LOT of pressure very early against a bad draw, but not enough for me to consider Swordsman or other tech.

@Cerberus I was happy with the list as is. Wraparound and Crisium are strong cards and if you expect a meta where they are called for I could see making the change just to shore up certain matchups. Eater/Keyhole was huge the first week after O&C here but this last weekend there were only a couple people playing them. Crisium is always good against Legwork though which is found in every runner deck. I would probably not go down an interns though, interns is an extremely flexible card. And it gets stronger if you have crisium grid as an option imo.

2 Mar 2015 bluebird503

Ended up winning another Store Championship with this same exact list today. The new Reg Maxx deck is not a favorable matchup I feel. I'm now 17-1 with this list in store championships(2 in Portland, 1 in Seattle). I feel its very strong choice if you don't expect an overwhelming amount of Mediohxcore's Maxx.

26 Mar 2015 153351

would love tips on piloting this thing...i keep losing to anarchs who trash howards, raise the cost of ice, or RD lock with keyhole. often, i find myself with 5 agendas in hand and no ice to protect anything but centrals...