The Fruits of my Seething 3 [top 32 UK nats]

Potat 62

So about the influence: The night before I cut light the fire for a pinhole and cut atman for a buzzsaw, then second guessed the buzzsaw and put the atman back in. I couldn't think of another 1 inf card I wanted so I left it at 14 influence. But the thing was that I wasn't actually on 15 influence, I was on 14 because I couldn't think of a 1 inf card I wanted last time I made some swaps either. I probably would have put clot in if I had noticed earlier, but it was too late to figure out what to cut.

13 Nov 2023 Inactivist

Yo! Great surprise to see your handle pop up again. Hope the UK is treating you well, influence dilemmas aside.

14 Nov 2023 Potat

Thanks @Inactivist. I'm doing well over here. Best wishes to you too, miss you all.