Tales of Moby Click - Euros Top 16

MMtheBLM 60

Presenting the deck that got me to the top16 cut. I needed a new runner deck for the BABW LCQ, and thankfully Dave Hoyland was able to provide this spicy choice. Even though it didn't win me a spot in the BABW final, i decided to play it for the Euros rather than picking something last minute, and I'm glad i did.  MaxX had a record of 8w 2l over 3 days, having ID'd round 5 and 10 (but winning against my Round 5 opponent, Constantine,  as we played it out for fun anyway)

The premise of the deck is to get personal workshop and an incubator down on the table as early as possible. Then, draw into your Parasites, Mediums, and a Hivemind. Throw all of them on your personal workshop. Let as many of them tick down to 1 token as you can. Get a grimoire installed if possible as it really makes the combo more explosive.

You need to get a Stimhack in hand for your big turn. The deck does not have a lot of money as it is usually only actually paying 'real credits' to install incubators, hive mind, grimoire and playing your draw/money cards. You will need stimhack for your first run at least.

Your combo turn will then be

Move hivemind off the workshop.

Click one and/or two - move Incubator tokens onto Hivemind. You should only need 2 max incubators installed. About 5 tokens is a good number to aim for on incubators, as Grimoire will give Hivemind a 2nd token.

Click 3 is then Stimhack R&D. If ice gets rezzed, parasite it away. Not much ice being played will survive a hivemind parasite. At the end of the run, before access, install the mediums off the workshop. Cackle loudly as you determine how many cards you are about to access. My record was 28 cards using 3 Mediums.

Click 4, if you did not see 7 agenda points is to play Showing Off, or a 2nd Stimhack, to see more cards off R&D.

Amped up can be played if you need extra clicks - you might need to Same Old Stimhack,  or play Interdiction as click one. If you're playing against CI or you suspect your opponent is hording agendas in HQ, put your nerve agent on the workshop and stimhack in. If there are more than 3 ice installed, or Architect/Lotus Field is likely, get Darwin on the workshop.

This deck loses hard to pre rezzed CVS, and gambles against pre rezzed Batty/Caprice on R&D. Yellow decks that can install a breaking news behind ice is also a problem. My advice is to try and hold onto Deja Vu and an extra personal workshop. Otherwise it comes down to who has the better/quicker draw and set up.

There are a couple of potential changes you could make, such as Dirty Laundry instead of Queens Gambit to improve your asset spam game, or including a NACH if the meta swings hard back into a tagging meta. Johno and Alex White discussed the merits of a clot, its a potential include to try and slow down HB/NBN, and you can try and bait a CVS fire before your combo turn.

Matchups i played and won were 2x Sync, CI, 2x Palana, 2x ETF Hybrid/Glacier and a Sol (not in that order).

I lost against Jacob Andraesen round 1, who HastyMoon combo'd out of CI the turn before i was going to combo. I was actually unaware Hasty/Moon was a thing, so this was a case of failing to do my homework, otherwise i could have tried to combo sooner.

I then lost in the cut to Kenny Deakin's CTM, partially due to Kenny's DBS/Sensie start, and partially due to my terrible draw, with maxx throwing all mediums, 2 incubators, hiveminds, and 3 grimoires into the bin. In the end i did manage to combo off after Kenny scored his 3rd agenda with a last ditch stimhack, but with only 1 parasite, and having to use Darwin, i was 2 credits short of pulling my 2nd medium off the workshop, and without that and grimoire i only saw 8 cards instead of the potential 19 cards.

Finally id like to thank Dave Hoyland, Mark Mottram and Dan Hughes from the Glos/Chelt Meta for the play testing, Alex White and Johno for their commentary on my game on stream, and all my opponents over the three days for the fantastic experience i had at Euros.

6 Jun 2017 TR1S

I love this name. Congrats for installing Darwin on stream in the cut - you are a true hero of the people <3