Fiery Informant - 1st Place European Championships.

MikeJS 678

There is nothing original in this list. Turns out meta calls (and some luck) are important.

I am a decent player, but this deck carried me. I think it dropped 1 game across 3 days of Swiss and Cut - all credit for Jez for the flawless play against it. (EDIT - Nope, Aaryn beat it too, quite comfortably I must add.)

It is phenomenally consistent.

5 Jun 2017 MazeBerlin

Congrats for winning. I really enjoyed watching you play and your humble interview on the stream. Are there any bad matchup for this deck in the current meta?

5 Jun 2017 x3r0h0ur

Observe and destroy masterrace. deck is good.

6 Jun 2017 jjthejetplane246

@MazeBerlin I would say Dyper with NACH is a pretty bad matchup but it's not too popular in the meta. Certainly does well against most flavors of anarach.

6 Jun 2017 percomis

@MazeBerlinalso Hate Machine Hayley with NACH and Critics beats it quite consistently.

6 Jun 2017 lilelia

@MazeBerlinAs someone who almost exclusively plays anarch with 2 nach, I always have a super good match up against it (it's gotten to the point where I get complacent and make silly mistakes and still don't lose). But most anarchs don't slot nach with aaron being so good.

7 Jun 2017 MikeJS

@MazeBerlin - thanks so much :) and yes, it does have bad matchups. I think it's about even against a tag-me Siphon spam deck, and strong against a bunch of the field clearly. I lost 2 games with this at Euros. One was to Aaryn, who rebirth'd into Leela from Andy on turn 1. He played it well and punished me for being too aggressive with BN scores. He went tag-me at the right time and scored out. Previously I had lost to Jez who Rebirth'd into Eddie Kim around turn 4. Between his link, ID ability and the Maw he had installed I had my combo trashed... I'm gonna say 6 times. I actually conceded this game when I knew all my outs were gone. More on bad matchups below.

@x3r0h0ur, indeed it is, as you well know.

@jjthejetplane246 @percomis @lilelia Yes, 100% agreed. When I was playing Reg Whizz I spend 1 influence on Film Critic and slotted 1 NACH just because of this matchup. If you're against a Shaper with both and access to Clot, it's almost certainly GG. The Dyper deck that I luckily avoided in top 8 would have destroyed me for sure. Same with the Cold Ones deck.

7 Jun 2017 TugtetguT

Swap Observe and Destroy for Best Defence and you got the Ayla Dyper under wraps though, just have to draw it :-)

8 Jun 2017 MrBuggles

I asked in the US list so it would be rude not to ask here too. Authenticator, yes or no? And if yes, what does it replace?

My gut feeling is it's better than turnpike but I haven't played enough sync to know.

Congrats on the win!

8 Jun 2017 MikeJS

@MrBuggles - I'm considering it sure. First question is what does it replace? If Turnpike, the next question is how does that break down per matchup. If runner goes tag me, Turnpike is strictly better as it brings a 1c tax as well. If on HQ and runner siphons, Turnpike also allows you to dump credits. If runner is avoiding tags, but not breaking, the Turnpike is likely still better. If runner is breaking, then it depends on their Killer and their Decoder.

If this is replacing Pop-up, it's a littler fairer to compare, as they're both code-gates. Popup is a 1 or 0c tax, but regardless of whether or not your opponent is on Yog (plus carver/NRE), popup is always going to make you 1c until the inevitable Parasite. Hard to say for sure, time to hit the lab :)