Boomstick [2nd Place Store Champs]

enkoder 669

The night before I won a Store Champs playing Reversed CI so I thought it would be fun to play a deck very close to it so people think I was still on it. Turns out I was right, because this deck is so much fun. This deck went 5-1 on the day loosing only to Joseki's Lock Hayley deck which had a seeminly infinite amount of hate against me.

I did manage to pull out a miracle in the first game of the finals where I first managed to dodge an Info Sifting and then several tuns later played 3x Biotic Labor, 3x Load Testing, Archived Memories, Load Testing, HHN which got me down to 13 credits (Beth) leaving him with 4 tags and 0 clicks. Boomstick? More like Boomsick!

This deck feels pretty damn strong, but I think it still gets shutout against Shaper lock decks with appropriate hate cards. Still, having MCAA, Stinson, Reversed, and relatively large ice means you could in theory score out, but that isn't fun. Show them your boomstick instead.