Expensive Doors (1st at Malmö Store Champs Feb 2019)

Bridgeman 2321

This deck won me 2/3 corp games at Malmö Store Champs (First round was a bye.)

The plan is pretty simple: Get Door to Door out to keep the runner poor(use your ID credits for the trace), either they pay to avoid the tag or pay to clear the tag, and if not you can Close their accounts whenever you draw it. In the meantime the meat damage from Door to Door is not too bad, and of course you can trash any important resources they might have lying around.

When the runner is poor enough you can safely score out agendas under the threat of HHN(or Economic Warfare + HHN). If they barely have cash you can even score an agenda without any Ice in front. If the runner is refusing to run Fly on the Wall can help tag them anyway.

The deck runs cheap ICE because you dont have a lot of money with this deck, and the money you have is needed for playing your current and hitting your traces. Only playing one code gate as the cheap barriers and sentries are better, but having one is nice to force out a decoder install, Archangel being able to fire when it is not installed makes this even better as they might need to install the breaker preemptively.

If the runner ever goes tag me then use your trusty Boom! to seal the deal, consulting visit makes this easier. A trashed Boom! can be shuffled back with preemptive action.

Still not sure if attitude adjustment should be in there or not, but at times it can be really good so I´ve kept it around.

All of my wins ended up being kills, which is great fun(Though you actually do score out sometimes). And in general I like this style of deck and how it puts pressure on the runner right away.

24 Feb 2019 BizTheDad

I wish I could give a dislike... D2D decks are one of worst things ever to happen to ANR. And to top it off they will simply lose to any runner deck that has at least one link card.