Earth's last, best mom (8-4 at Worlds)

Cpt_nice 1837

"So this deck mostly just makes cards and draws money?"

"Wait, this boosts till the end of the run??"

"MAD DASH????"

^ My opponents last weekend

This was the deck I played during both COL and the Worlds main event. I was the only Sunny player at the big show on Saturday, with even Apex (!) being played by 2 brave souls. Outside of one Adam player though, I was actually the highest ranked mini faction player.

The deck performed pretty well, winning 8 games vs 4 Palana's, Argus, ASA, Azmari and Sportsmetal. It lost vs tempo NEH, Spark Agency, Sportsmetal and Blue Sun. I did horrible with my corp decks though, both due to lack of practice and a bit of bad luck in a few games.

I have talked about this deck often already, so lemme just go over some notable changes for Worlds.

Mad Dash as unicorn

I haven't been super impressed by Power Tap. Sure, it can make you cash, but unless you are playing against NBN, this will probably only trigger once per turn via Nexus. Other support cards to trigger it are too slow. Film Critic is alround good and obviously I would never tell you to not run it (especially since there are copies with my face going around). But Sunny doesn't really require it as much as other runners. This deck is immune to Punitive, can deal with Obokata behind a Data Loop and benefits from SSL steals via Pad Tap.

I was about to settle on no Unicorn when I figured, "might as well try Mad Dash, sinced it has no influence pips". Turns out it was pretty good. It makes Sunny's Black Hat a lot better, especially since it combos with Turning Wheel. Farm counters, trace the corp, and then Mad Dash into R&D like a mad woman. 90% of the time it works every time.

No Data Folding

Corps are very rushy these days and while this is one of the faster Sunny's, I still sometimes loose cause the corp can just score out before I can confidently contest. I figured the Data Folding were one of the weakest parts of the decks if the games were gonna go fast. So I cut them in favor for more immediate cash. If the game lasts a while, you might have trouble making money reliably, but normally either you or the corp will have won before then. You can always add one Kati, for insurance. The one of Rezeki is there for SDS Drone Deployment.

Liberated Accounts

I needed more Career Fair targets and fast dollars, and this card provided that.

No Interdiction

I figured with 14 resources, I wouldnt be as susceptible to Scarcity as I usually am, so I cut the 2 copies of Interdiction. Besides, I hadn't seen Scarcity in ages. But the Worlds meta was full of it, and that bit me in the ass a bit. Definitely worth a slot again.

Office Supplies

Bumped up to 3 after Belgian Nats. Better than I expected, specially if you get a Sports Hopper out early. Drawing 4 cards for 1 click and credit is good value. And once your Nexus is out, this is a Sure Gamble with 0 upfront cost.

Shout out to the Nisei team for making this an unforgetable experience and to all the friends I made along the way, both old and new!

8 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

Hey! Awesome list! As being the "one Adam player" I think I can say that you were probably the best minifaction player, for me it was my corp that was stealing the show (going 12-1 only losing at the top3 :) ). Hats off (both white and black) to you!

8 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

@ToThBeBe: Thanks for the compliments and congrats on your placement!

8 Oct 2019 Steamwood

That breaker setup is wild, it worked out for you though? I always feel exposed without the full suite on her, which is probably why I am bad!

9 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

@Steamwood It is no secret I am not a fan of Sunny's breakers. This set up worked well for me. The only time I was locked out was in my Blue Sun Match up due to a misplay where I ran a server with only 1 turtle counter and he rezzed Sapper.