HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN??? (1st, Undefeated @ Cascadia)

rongydoge 1039




IAN: Eric, I need you to tell me that you're confident that I can make the cut.


ERIC: ...what do you mean by confident?


Just kill 'em, dummy!


neh is bad

piss meta day 1

piss meta day 2

cut assets

make deck worse

swiss killer

teamkill meta

when you but

hold the waffles

play error


Eric - love you with everything i've got. i said it a million times so here's 1,000,001 - so proud of you this weekend. thanks for giving me the hosh and the confidence to play it. thanks for begging me to switch off the NEH and play ob instead. thanks for everything <3

CTZ - you already know

Jeff - you said it best, it would be impossible to top the vibes from this event. couldn't ask for a better teammate, opponent, friend

Rob/Jonas/Dan - thanks for trying to fuck up the NEH real hard (but seriously mindscaping makes the deck work i love you all)

Snarebears - infinite love

Brandon - my once and future king

Haydog - was incredible meeting you this weekend. <3 <3 <3 i see where eric gets all his best attributes

Sam - unbelievable job running the event. incredible kind energy. thank you for the stream

Josh - GO _ TO _ OTG love you orbs

Kris/Tzeentchling - what a pleasure to hang out this weekend

Stream Commentators - y'all kill it every single time

Cranked - sh*ut *uts to cranked

Ben - i miss you already #coloradoworlds

Charlie - ur fuckin good m8

Gaurav - u2

FireRL - epitome of class. incredible game, stunned you sniffed out the deck mid-game, i am a lucksack who did not deserve this win

Cephalopod Wizard/Justin - incredible job judging all weekend. A+++++++

Jan Tuno - thanks for the hosh list. i cut the labor rights and put in 3 dirty laundries. good list 10/10

Mox - one of the best venues i've ever played at #sofreshandsocleanclean

Unband - more like bunsband

Muntal Bost - more like bunstal cheeks (my warmest regards to Mr. Muntal)

House Hippos - more like mouse nipples

FAB casino - dingdingdingdingdingdingding

bdea bdea bdea that's all folks

end of the line

15 Aug 2023 Whiteblade111

Decklist of the year

15 Aug 2023 wiserunner

Great deck, love it

15 Aug 2023 maninthemoon

What a contribution to the world of memes!! Much love âĪïļ it was wonderful to meet you!!

15 Aug 2023 thebigunit3000

Got me with piss loss

15 Aug 2023 Jinsei

Pure Evisceration

Glad to know we're #1 on the hitlist

15 Aug 2023 ctz

<img) src="i.ibb.co alt="jpeg" border="0">
upload) pics

Love you big brother

15 Aug 2023 Radiant

Pleasure meeting you and congratulations on the W! Saturday dinner was high comedy lmao

P.S. - Front right isn't ?????, it's clearly also ❌, that thing is mad short

15 Aug 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

Congrats on the ðŸĨ‡ @rongydoge!

I thought I had you baited 🙂 until you assassinated me in broad daylight with an armor piercing scythe ðŸŠĶ🔊💔

16 Aug 2023 Orbital Tangent

Let's all keep saying I love you to one another. Let's make it weird. I love you. Congratulations. And thanks for the meme-ories.

16 Aug 2023 Santa

This writeup is a work of art!!

Although, I wish I could have corp'ed against you twice, this deck is sweet, and I'm glad we got to play both sides!

Congrats on 1st!!

Charlie - ur fuckin good m8

Thanks! :)

20 Aug 2023 spags

Dang I need to try this game

22 Aug 2023 tvaduva

We'd love to have you. And, I heard the Stimhack forums are a good place to be (not kidding).