Who or What is Hedge Fund? (Undefeated Brighton SC)

emilyspine 1406

friendship ended with HEDGE FUND

7th place at Brighton SC, 5-0 vs Hayley, Kim, Maxx, Val and Null.

Drag them through a Tollbooth/Data Raven remote into a Prisec and a Red Herrings (agenda optional) to enable Sea Source > Closed Accounts/All Seeing I, or just use your bankers money to trash their board. Save Miraju to interrupt Indexing.

Thanks to anr_marsellus for the list!

26 Nov 2017 anr_marsellus

@johno this is the list I mean ;)

@emilyspine congrats on the result and thx for the shoutout :)

26 Nov 2017 rotage

@emilyspineCongrats on the result, bit sad you didn't add the ghost branch in the end, but common sense prevailed

26 Nov 2017 ctz

ur meme game is on point CTZ approved

26 Nov 2017 beyoken

3/10 needs more keegan lane

27 Nov 2017 emilyspine

@anr_marsellusthanks for sharing the list!

@rotageyou talked me out of the ghost branch!

@ctzi meme to please

@beyokeni refer you to zach eaton-rosen (2015)

27 Nov 2017 shanodin

Meme Queen Cathy strikes again with an awesome deck and meme to match

27 Nov 2017 percomis

So how did you find not playing HHN?

27 Nov 2017 emilyspine

@shanodinit me

@percomisi didn't miss HHN to be honest, sea source and taxing remotes did good work. Plus most shapers have Misdirection and tapwyrm credits which can make sea source a more flexible option.

27 Nov 2017 eadipus

played with this today, it was mean. Needs a ghost branch though for maximum lulz

28 Nov 2017 emilyspine

@eadipus6 cards in a remote is too many!

28 Nov 2017 anr_marsellus

Current iteration of mine plays +2 Sandburg ... Brutal and another must-trash asset

28 Nov 2017 emilyspine

@anr_marsellusinteresting! do you ice sandburg usually? I feel like I would struggle to protect 2 remotes.

29 Nov 2017 anr_marsellus

Sandburg is the primary remote you'd need to protect. Then another Server with Resistor + Tollbooth is usually enough. Especially because of Red Herrings and such. I cut one PAD Campaign and one Data Raven. Thing is, you might not even protect Sandburg with ICE. If you have AR-Enhanced Security Scored and add a Prisec or MVT, I am glad if they spend between 7 and 9 credits to get 3 tags xD

29 Nov 2017 LeNoble

No Psychographics if they go tag-me?

29 Nov 2017 emilyspine

@anr_marsellusi'll try it out! thanks for the tip

@LeNobleusually by the time they have enough tags for Psychographics to be worth it, you have other ways to win through EOI or board wipe, but there have been 1 or 2 games where I have wanted it.

3 Dec 2017 Fruggles

Was wondering why I saw an uptick in CtM on jnet. Congrats on the success, but also CURSE YOU!!!!

8 Dec 2017 Xh4rx4d

How's the matchup vs Sunny or Geist?

9 Dec 2017 emilyspine

@Xh4rx4dSunny is autolose unless you can score out very quickly. Geist is almost as bad as he often runs both Forger and On the Lam as well as link but can sometimes be rushed out.

9 Dec 2017 emilyspine

@Xh4rx4dSunny is autolose unless you can rush out extremely quickly. Geist is almost as bad as he runs both Forger and On the Lam as well as link.

15 Dec 2017 MoxWall

`@emilyspine this deck is sick, any chance I can get you on stream to talk about how powerfully not having hedge fund in your deck is?