Nuclear Ampere

superheronation 283

I think this is a more tournament-worthy version of Most noticeably we have more cards which punish small hand sizes, which is the condition we deliver most reliably.

Compared to most corps, we produce relatively little money but most of our ice and all of our defensive upgrades are highly efficient.

There are a couple things we can do to shift things in our favor. First, mulligan for any economic asset, particularly something that builds value-over-time. If you draw Daily Quest or Roughnecks or Wall to Wall or Regolith early, I'd suggest protecting these as your overwhelming first priority. It's okay to take hits early on central servers, money earned early produces value-over-time ice more quickly. We have several $4-6 ice that will severely mess up a runner. An early bluff might work as long as it's not Daily Quest.

Keeling: $3 and a click to eventually force a run on a heavily guarded server. Usually an efficiency win.

Your upgrades are a combination of the most efficient in Standard, and NATO City. Not to be confused with the sad sickly ZATO which uses cheap ice to end runs, NATO is a well-funded nuclear alliance. When you sense the end of the game is near or that the ice have exhausted most of their tax potential, use them as missiles instead. Stavka and Fairchild 2.0 are not great for value-over-time against most breakers, they can be launched ASAP. Fairchild 2 is best understood as an early game tax mainly intended for NATO to fast-advance Blood In The Water and Ontological Dependence.