Core Experience & Ashes - GameNET (2nd place @ MMC #03)

Gries 12

The most fun I had with this deck at the tournament:

I´m at 0 points and there´s a triple advanced Beale in a remote that costs the Runner (Shaper, Kit) 10 credits to get in.

My turn starts: advance, advance, NAPD Cordon.

My next turn starts: advance, advance, NAPD Cordon.

The runner would´ve had to pay 18 credits in order to steal my Project Beale. He had not nearly enough credits, so I felt totally safe.

So there were 7 advancement tokens on that Project Beale.

Next turn, I would´ve scored it with 11 advancement tokens on it with a Biotic Labor, netting me a cool 6 agenda points.

And then he topdecked into an Imp and trashed my Project Beale.